Ariadne 3D Dungeon Maker is a powerful asset to create 3D dungeons. In the extension, you can make grid-based map data in MapEditor.

In this page, I introduce the data flow of Ariadne and workflow to generate dungeons.

Data flow

Here is the data flow of Ariadne 3D Dungeon Maker.

data flow
Data flow of Ariadne.
Dungeon Data

DungeonMasterData is data that holds some FloorMapMasterData and ID of start floor in the dungeon. After creating some FloorMapMasterData, you should create DungeonMasterData and set this to GameController.

Floor Data

FloorMapMasterData holds definitions of each map. Dungeon parts are instantiated based on this data.

Event Data

EventMasterData holds information about events.


Create a map data by using MapEditor

First, create map data by using MapEditor. You can open the MapEditor from [Window/MapEditor] in the menu bar.

On the MapEditor, you can set attributes of the map by using draw tools. To add events, select a position using the select tool and press [Open Event Editor] button. On the EventEditor, you can define the contents of events and starting conditions.

Set the map data to Dungeon Data

Second, after saving the map data, create a dungeon data from [Asset/Create/Ariadne/DungeonData] in the menu bar.

The dungeon data is a holder of map data. Set map data that you created to dungeon data.

Ready objects in the scene

Next, set the dungeon data to GameController object in the Scene. The GameController object has a component named DungeonSettings, so set the dungeon data to this component.

Required objects are placed in [Ariadne/Resources/Prefabs/SceneObjects] folder and [Ariadne/Resources/Prefabs/SceneObjects/CanvasParts] folder as prefabs.

When you intend to create a new scene, it is useful to duplicate demo scene and customize it.

Execute the game

Finally, ready to explore your dungeon. Execute the game!

About Ariadne

Let’s see also the introduction page of Ariadne!

Ariadne title

Ariadne – 3D Dungeon Maker” boosts your development for First-person party-based dungeon crawler games.


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