Event Processor has 7 event types.

Event types

Ariadne has the following event types.


This event does nothing.


This event calls the process of opening the door in the dungeon.

Locked Door

Locked door

Select the key type of the door. When the key type is matched, this event calls the process of opening the door. If you specified “None” to the key type, this event works the same as Door event.

The key type is defined in DoorKeyType enum in AriadneEnumerations.cs.

Move Position

Move position

Set the position where the player moves to.

You have to set destination dungeon, destination floor, position, and direction.

A moving event such as downstairs uses this event category.


Select treasure type and set the item ID or amount of money that the player gets.



Set messages which you want to show on the screen.

By pressing [Add page] button, EventEditor adds a new page. And [Remove page] is pressed, EventEditor removes the last page.

Exit Position

Set this event as exit position of the dungeon.

About Ariadne

Let’s see also the introduction page of Ariadne!

Ariadne title

Ariadne – 3D Dungeon Maker” boosts your development for First-person party-based dungeon crawler games.


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