Ariadne has an event system which relates to points on the map. To check the relations, Ariadne provides Event Mapping Viewer.


Event Mapping Viewer

EventMappingViewer shows relations between FloorMapMasterData and EventMasterData. EventMasterData is related to some positions on the map, so this view shows them as a list.

How to open EventMappingViewer

Open EventMappingViewer by pressing [Check Event Mapping] button on MapEditor window.

Viewer description

EventMappingViewer highlights events that related to the map editing in MapEditor.



Event ID

ID of events.

Event Name

Name of the event.

Event Index

Index of EventParts.

Start Condition

Condition to start the event.

Event Category


Category of the event.


Map File Name


Name of FloorMapMasterData file.


Map Name


Name of the floor.




Position of the event.


How to close the window

To close this window, click the close button on the window. Or by clicking other windows, this window closes too.

About Ariadne

Let’s see also the introduction page of Ariadne!

Ariadne title

Ariadne – 3D Dungeon Maker” boosts your development for First-person party-based dungeon crawler games.


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