Ariadne 3D Dungeon Maker has some editor tools. Map Editor is one of the useful tools which assists you in creating dungeons.

About Map Editor

Map Editor
You can easily create dungeons!

MapEditor is a core function of Ariadne 3D Dungeon Maker. MapEditor edits and outputs FloorMapMasterData which defines the size of the floor, map ID, map name and detailed information about each position in the map.

How to open MapEditor

Open MapEditor from [Window/MapEditor] on the menu bar.

Open the Map Editor!

Settings pane

File operation pane

File operation

To create new FloorMapMasterData, press [New] button.

File operation load

Press [Load] button, then load pane will be shown. On the load pane, select FloorMapMasterData to load. And press [Load Map File], MapEditor loads the specified file.

File operation save

Press [Save] button, then Save pane will be shown. On the Save pane, specify the path and file name to save. And press [Save Map File], MapEditor saves the file as asset file.

Floor Settings pane

Floor Settings

Define “Horizontal Size” and “Vertical Size” of the floor. To apply sizes to map, press [Apply] button. If the value of the slider is smaller than previous one, a part of map attribute will be discarded.

Set “Floor Name” and “Floor ID”. Floor ID is used in the DungeonMasterData to specify the start floor of the dungeon. If there are some FloorMapMasterData which have the same floor ID, the selector in DungeonMasterData shows only one of them. So you have to specify different IDs for those floors.

DungeonPartsMasterData is the set of dungeon parts, such as a wall prefab. When this field is null, MapEditor sets the default parts automatically.

Entrance Position” is the first position when the player enters this dungeon. The setting of the first floor of the dungeon is in DungeonMasterData. See also DungeonMasterData.

You can specify the direction of entering, too.

Position Settings pane

“Position Settings pane” shows information about the selected position.

Selected position” indicates the position on the grid where the mouse cursor is. When the “Select” tool is selected, this shows the position where you selected.

Label fields show information about the position.

Object front” selector defines the direction of dungeon parts.

Messenger Type” defines the parts index of messenger parts. This selector is visible when the map attribute is Messenger.

Selected pos event id” is the event ID of the position. When you input the value larger than 0, you can select [Open Event Editor] and edit the event.

Press [Check Event Mapping] button shows EventMappingViewer. This viewer shows mappings between FloorMapMasterData and EventMasterData.

Drawing map pane

“Drawing map pane” is editing place for attributes of each position.

Drawing tool

Select” tool can pick up information about the position. You can see them in “Position Settings pane”.

Draw” tool can set a map attribute value. When you drag mouse cursor, this tool sets map attributes to positions where you drag.

Draw rect” tool can set map attributes as a rectangle.

Draw filled rect” tool is similar to “Draw rect” tool. This tool fills inside of the rectangle.

Map attribute

By default, Ariadne defines follow map attributes.

Grid-based map

Ariadne 3D Dungeon Maker uses grid-based map for instantiating dungeons and holding the player position.

The origin is left-bottom.

How to close the window

To close this window, click the close button on the window.

When this window lost focus, editing data will be saved as temporary data in [Assets/Ariadne/Resources/MapData/MapEditor] folder.

Attention: Don’t set temporary data at DungeonMasterData to prevent unexpected map changing. When you use FloorMapMasterData, save the file by using [Save Map File] button.

About Ariadne

Let’s see also the introduction page of Ariadne!

Ariadne title

Ariadne – 3D Dungeon Maker” boosts your development for First-person party-based dungeon crawler games.


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