Ariadne 3D Dungeon Maker has some editor tools. Event Editor is a good tool to create events in the dungeon.


Event Editor

EventEditor is the tool for editing events. The event is an action on the dungeon, such as opening the door. EventEditor saves events as EventMasterData that inherit ScriptableObject.

How to open EventEditor

Open EventEditor by pressing [Open Event Editor] button on MapEditor window.

About EventParts

EventMasterData have parts group called EventParts. EventParts defines an action in the dungeon, such as opening the door.

Each EventParts has a condition for starting event. By checking the condition, Ariadne 3D Dungeon Maker decides the target of the processing event. You can set “executed flag” to them, and you can use the flag to check condition.

Ariadne 3D Dungeon Maker checks conditions by descending order from the end of EventParts list.

EventMasterData Setting

Event data settings

Event Name” field defines the name of this event. This event name is shown in MapEditor window.

To edit an EventParts, press [Edit] button. EventEditor shows settings of selected EventParts on the right pane.

If you want to add a new EventParts, press [Add event parts] button. This action adds a new element to EventParts list. When there is more than one EventParts, [Remove] button will be visible on the left of [Edit] button. To remove the target EventParts, press [Remove] button.

To save EventMasterData, press [Save] button. EventEditor outputs EventMasterData file to [Assets/Ariadne/Resources/EventData] folder.

EventParts Setting

Event Parts

After changing the EventParts settings, press [Apply] button to apply changes for the EventParts. If you want to revert changes, use [Cancel] button.


Select a condition for starting the EventParts.



No Condition

The event starts without a condition.


The event starts when the selected flag is true.


The event starts when the player has specified item. You can specify a comparison operator for comparing the value of the item.


The event starts when the player has specified amount of money. You can specify a comparison operator for comparing the amount of money.

Executed flag

You can set an executed flag to EventParts. When you use this flag, check [Event has executed flag] and input the flag name. EventEditor uses this name in the selector of the condition setting.

Trigger and Position

The event trigger defines how to start the event.




The event starts by pressing the space key.


The event starts after player moving automatically.



This Position

The event starts at the position where this event is defined.

One Step Short Of This

The event starts at the position next to this event.

How to close the window

To close this window, click the close button on the window.

If you close this window without saving, changes to this event are discarded.

About Ariadne

Let’s see also the introduction page of Ariadne!

Ariadne title

Ariadne – 3D Dungeon Maker” boosts your development for First-person party-based dungeon crawler games.


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